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Since 1950

Bharat Folk Arts

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The Bharat Folk Arts Academy was established by Dr.Gopal Raj Bhatt with the aim of creating awareness and popularising the rich folk and tribal art forms of India. As he steered the Academy and its members through numerous versatile and energetic productions staged and choreographed by him, Dr. Bhatt left no stone unturned in making the Academy extremely authentic and affordable for aspiring artists. Folk and Tribal art forms have been taught to thousands of students since its inception. Since 1950, Bharat Folk Arts Academy worked extensively with State and National Governments on curating and presenting cultural concerts for important occasions, international events and prestigious festivals

across the length and breadth of the country, including Republic Day State Tableaus, ASIAD'82, 1st World Telugu Conference among many others. 

The vision of Bharat Folk Arts Academy is now being spearheaded by his son, Shri Raghav Raj Bhatt, who is a prominent and established artist in the realm of Indian art & culture.

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