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Transcending art forms

Dancing Lines

RRB Sketch 1.png

Raghav Raj Bhatt is an internationally renowned and acclaimed Kathak dancer, choreographer and artist. A prime disciple of Padma Vibhushan Pt Birju Maharaj, Raghav has created a niche in the world of art. He successfully completed diploma and specialisation from Kathak Kendra, New Delhi and was a recipient of the National Scholarship from the Government of India and the Sangeet Natak Academi, New Delhi. 

He studied painting in the college of fine arts and architecture, JNFAU. Observing his dedication to visual arts, the then director of Kathak Kendra, New Delhi, Dr Jiwan Pani encouraged and guided him for his extraordinary talent of line drawings and sketching. Since 1980, he has designed logos for numerous festivals of Kathak Kendra including the institution’s logo.  

He then ventured into stage design and got the opportunity to design sets for dance dramas of his Guru Pt Birju Maharaj, all across the world. He expresses the grace, poise, movement and flow of his subjects in minimal strokes, leaving a lasting wondrous impact on the viewer.

From the hills of Kathak, to the banks of the river Bharatanatyam, from the Kuchipudi coast to the valleys of Kathakali, from the earthy Mohiniyattam to the celestial Oddisi, from Manipuri to Satriya of the North East, India dances in a myriad ways. Capturing the essence of many of these dance forms into a few strokes is an art that Raghav Raj Bhatt has mastered. Extracting the essence of each dance and then encapsulating it into an instant sketch is his speciality.

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©Raghav Raj Bhatt retains the copyrights to all his artworks, regardless of having sold the original artwork.

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