Mangala & Raghav Raj Bhatt

Mangala & Raghav Raj Bhatt (disciples of Pt Durga Lal Ji and Pt Birju Maharaj Ji respectively) are a dance duo synonymous with Kathak. Fine exponents of the art form, they bring together the confluence of two distinct styles of Kathak, representing  Jaipur Gharana and Lucknow Gharana. Going beyond the precincts of Kathak Kendra, they have performed in productions under the guidance of their gurus in major programs in a traditional Guru Shishya parampara. After this, they made it their life’s mission to take Kathak to all the possible corners of the world, maintaining its true essence and classical form. They have been running one of the most premier learning centres of Kathak in Hyderabad for more than 3 decades.

Aakruti Kathak Kendra also conducts annual festivals focussed on Kathak as an art form. They have successfully imparted the knowledge of the art form to younger generations in traditional style, taking forward the legacy of their Gurus through their original productions and performances. They have extensively performed all across India and abroad. Their service to the art form has garnered praise from critics, rasikas, media and general public at large. Their massive contribution spans nearly 4 decades covering many parts of the globe, including international assignments in Uzbekistan, Singapore, Russia, Canada, Mexico, Philippines, Myanmar and Malaysia and numerous other countries. They have also been conferred the prestigious State Award by Chief Minister of Telangana for their contribution to classical dance.